Poplin Studio

Hand-made sleepwear for a thoughtful living


Poplin is a natural, eco-friendly, and ethical sleepwear label from Istanbul, Turkey.
We produce handmade homewear using only pure fabrics and natural materials that make our products good to sleep in them. We are three women who love to be “at home” behind the brand. Our inspiration is simplicity which embodies the idea of slow living.
Ayça Çobanoğlu | Işıl Çoğal | Duygu Ülgen

We support slow fashion and aim to sustain the character and artistry of traditional craftsmanship.
Use eco-friendly material, choose to only use natural fabrics made from one single fibre – no blends or synthetics.
Only use deadstock: the residual fabrics leftover from major fashion houses. This means that the leftover fabrics available for remanufacturing to our products in a beneficial way.
Working with local manufacturers, our garments are expertly and ethically crafted in by a local tailor in Istanbul.

As a small, independently-owned business, we deeply appreciate
your support for hand-made products and the artists behind them.

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